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Offer Introductions and Ask for Introductions Post Interview Phone Script

Offer Introductions & Ask Guest for Introductions 

Offer Introductions: “If you see anyone featured on my podcast I am happy to make an introduction to you. I always ask both parties first to make sure.”

Ask for Introductions: “Who else should I feature on the podcast that you know that would be great like you? I am looking for _____ companies to feature.” 

If you asked them during the interview about what peers they admire, then you can say “You mentioned So-and-So during the interview and they sound like they would be a great guest as well, do you think so-and-so would be a good person to feature? 

After they give you a few names, make it super easy on them to do an intro: 

  1. Zero work referral process – Make the guest do zero work and tell them you will reach out to the referral and mention their name – I tell them I will reach out on Linkedin and say “ (Name) referred you and said you would be a great guest”, AND/OR:
  2. You send the guest a 3-4 sentence bio and they cc you on an email to the person they suggested referring
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