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Overview of the Ride25 Dream 100 ROI Method

Jeremy Weisz explains the Rise25 Dream 100 ROI Method that connects you with your ideal partners and potential clients, enabling you to gain ROI before launching your podcast.

The video below will walk you through who to include in your Dream 100 list, the best methods and best templates to use when conducting outreach, how this outreach results in ROI, how to ask for referrals from the guests you feature, and how to gain ROI from these referrals.

1. Create Your Dream 100 Foundation

Schedule a brainstorming session where you will curate a list with 20-plus categories containing strategic partners, referral partners, potential clients, current clients, and any other connections that stems from these relationships.

2. Outreach

Once you’ve completed your list, make use of the Indirect Ask and Direct Ask templates by connecting with them via email, text, or phone call.

3. ROI

Contacting the individuals you’ve included in your Dream 100 list opens the door for you to discover your ideal partners and gain potential clients. Using this method, you will gain ROI before launching your show and featuring a guest from your curated list.

You don’t have to ask them to be featured on the show, but involving them in the podcast creation process by asking for topic and guest suggestions is a strategic place to start.

4. Feature

During your outreach, some of your Dream 100 connections will happily say yes to join you as a guest or refer great guests. Feature them on your show and follow our guide on how to connect with these guests before, during, and after the show so you can continue to build strong relationships with them.

5. Referrals

When asking for referrals, be sure to emphasize that your goal is to feature more guests like them on your podcast. Let these individuals know that they are welcome to send you the names of other experts or organizations that would be a good fit for your podcast.

These referrals will lead you to add new connections to your network, offering the possibility for new partners and clients. Referrals = ROI.

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