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Client Success/ Case Story Interview Questions (Transformation)

  1. Tell me more about what your company does?

  2. What is the biggest pain/problem/challenge that your company solves for your customers?

  3.  To give people context, How many employees work at your company? and what kind of clients do you serve? (have them list a few)

  4. How did you discover our company? How did you find us?

      a. Why did you want to start ______
      b. Benefits
      c.  Objections
      i. What was holding you back in the beginning.
  • What was your situation when you came to us? What was your situation before using our company?

  • What issues did you have in your business or life which you needed help with? What was keeping you up at night?

  • What are common questions and concerns you had in the beginning? What were you skeptical about ?

  • What did we do for you?

  • What was the biggest game changer in using us? What was the outcome?

  • What is life like today after we’ve done work together? How are things different?

  • What would you tell someone who is thinking of working with us?

  • What is the very next step that someone listening should take?

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