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How To Create An Engaging Podcast Interview With Your Guest

Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran share strategies to create an engaging podcast interview with your guest. They discuss the importance of formulating questions that will captivate listeners and bring insightful responses from the guest.

John and Jeremy also emphasize understanding the guest’s journey and expertise, coupled with genuine curiosity, can lead to compelling conversations. Additionally, they highlight the need for the host to share their story, which can inspire both the guest and the listeners. This engaging dynamic contributes to a successful podcast episode.

1. Find your motivation for podcasting

Start by identifying what inspires and motivates you in your life, business, or health. Consider how this translates into a driving force for your podcasting journey. Reflecting on your personal experiences and passions helps shape the direction of your podcast, making it unique and engaging for your target audience.

2. Frame intriguing questions for your guests

Write down at least three questions you’d be interested in asking a guest in your industry. The questions could revolve around their success stories, challenges experienced, or valuable lessons learned. Remember, compelling conversations are born from sincere curiosity.

3. Share your journey

Reflect on the journey that led you to start a podcast. What were the key experiences or turning points? Identify a compelling story from your background you’d want to share with your listeners. Remember, your story can be as engaging as your guests. Your listeners will appreciate getting to know the host behind the podcast.

4. Leverage your podcast to expand your reach

Utilize your podcast as a platform to connect with others in your industry and be a featured guest on other podcasts. Sharing your story on various platforms can extend your reach and impact, attracting more listeners to your show.

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