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How To Get More Exposure by Appearing on More Podcasts

One of the most frequently asked questions — especially by new podcast hosts – is “How do I get more exposure by appearing as a guest on other podcasts?” Making guest appearances on other shows is beneficial because it allows you to expand your network, reach a wider audience, and collaborate with some of the top experts in your field.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, incorporate cold outreach in your business practice. Even better, utilize your podcast as a cold outreach strategy. You are valuable to other hosts because of your podcast and can leverage them to help expand your network and vice versa. 

When appearing on other podcasts, consider it an opportunity to grow your business. Prepare well beforehand, and be intentional when sharing your experience. 

Always go above and beyond. After the episode goes live, support the podcast host by promoting the episode and sharing available content across social platforms. Your actions after the interview determine the relationship you establish with the podcast host.

3 Ways To Get More Exposure by Appearing on More Podcasts

1. Cold outreach

Consider cold outreach to find guests for your podcast. In addition to copywriting and direct response marketing skills, your personability and desire to make authentic connections will set you apart.

Personalizing your messages develops genuine connections that canned messages don’t allow. Take time to research the show and host.

Aside from sharing what you learned from an episode you listened to, consider adding something personal you admire about the host or their business. Include in your message how you would benefit the podcast as a featured guest.

2. Hire someone to do your cold outreach for you

Cold outreach is a beneficial strategy, but it’s time-consuming. Doing it well takes hours of researching the podcast host and company, writing customized messages, monitoring responses, and following up.

Consider hiring someone else to do the outreach for you. While it’s an additional cost upfront, the time you save allows you to focus on growing your business.

3. Have your own podcast

Hosting your own podcast will allow you to grow your network authentically, as well as leverage the principle of reciprocity by inviting existing connections to be a guest on your show — leading to new introductions.

As a podcast host, you appear more credible than other experts in your industry and are more likely to receive guest invites from fellow hosts as a result.

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