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How To Prepare for a “Year in Review” Episode and Why It Is Important To Create Them



A “Year In Review” episode is not only a recap of the previous year, but a business strategy that can lead to new network connections and remind listeners of the content shared throughout the year.

Preparing for the “Year In Review” episode should begin with sorting through the guests featured throughout the year, the topics discussed, and other memorable moments that stood out among the rest.

Consider as many of your past guests as necessary, but highlight the guests who are key clients, key referral partners, key advocates, or because the episode contained valuable

1. Choose which guests stood out from the rest.

The first step in preparing for a “Year in Review” episode is taking a trip down memory lane and identifying the guests who made a lasting impression. Your criteria can include guests that offered referrals, may become a potential client or referral partner, or have a large network, or are influential and can help increase your exposure in the industry.

2. No need to prep ahead of time and no need to re-listen to the episodes.

You will discuss some of the topics from the episodes with your interviewer. You do not need to remember the specific conversation you had with the guest but rather, speak to the overall topic of the conversation.

An example would be if you had a guest that talked about customer service. You don’t need to remember what they said about customer service, you can just talk about the importance of customer service and your thoughts on the topic.

This format is great because you don’t have to relisten to any of the episodes and it takes the pressure off of trying to remember what was talked about because you will be talking about the topic in general.

3. Choose 7 – 10 guests to highlight

The biggest goal is to highlight your great, past guests and you only have to discuss each one for 2 to 3 minutes. Therefore, if you mention 10 past episodes for that time, the whole year in review episode will only be 20 to 30 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can mention other people, companies, and guests while you’re chatting on the episode as well.

It’s really important to message (email or text) all of the people that you mentioned after you have recorded the episode.


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