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Onboarding Presentation 1: How To Get the Fastest Results

Gaining ROI before launching your podcast is an ambitious goal. However, it is possible if you utilize proper outreach strategies. 

First, identify your ideal client. What characteristics, qualities, or industry experience do they possess? Complete your ideal client profile and create a list that strictly follows the parameters you set. The best clients may already be connected to your existing network — consider reaching out to them first. Make sure to personalize each outreach message you send. 

By following this outreach method you can maximize your existing network, receive referrals for potential guests, and gain ROI before your podcast is released

  1. Focus on outreach

Complete your ideal client profile and curate a list of industry leaders that meet the criteria highlighted in the profile. Be specific with the criteria you set for potential guests.

Using the “Indirect Ask” message template, send each individual on your guest list a personalized message. 

The goal is to receive referrals provided by your network before launching your podcast.

Building relationships with potential referral partners and clients before launching can result in ROI.

  1. Focus on ROI and delegate the rest

Podcast production can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Focus on outreach and scheduling interviews to gain ROI. We will take care of everything else.

  1. Try to get to 2-3 months in the can

Aim to record 2-3 months of episodes before the initial launch to avoid falling behind schedule.

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