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Podcasting & LinkedIn: A Dynamic Duo for Creating Powerful Connections and Content

A podcast and an optimized LinkedIn profile make a dynamic duo – two powerful tools that collaborate seamlessly if done correctly. This is especially true if you are in the B2B space.

A podcast incorporates many aspects of the business world: it facilitates content marketing, personal and professional development, business development, referral marketing, strategic partnerships, and much more. When done right, podcasts are a valuable asset for business growth. 

LinkedIn is a valuable platform and can be utilized as a high-conversion landing page if you optimize your profile, make appropriate connections, share relevant content, and build authentic relationships. 

What’s the most efficient way to integrate the two? Podcasts are perfect for your “Featured” section because you can add links to both the video and audio recordings. You can also repurpose your podcast by choosing snippets and posting them as interactive dynamic audios. Leveraging your podcast and LinkedIn profile can assist in achieving your business goals.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Before launching your podcast, optimize your LinkedIn profile. Treat it as a high-converting landing page.

When searching your name on Google, your LinkedIn account is usually in the top 3 results. Optimizing your profile to highlight your experience is vital to establish authority in your field.

Make sure that the title underneath your name accurately represents your role in the company. Here’s an example: “CEO & Founder: helping B2B businesses connect with their dream 100 clients and ensuring they make ROI through podcasting”.

Replace the default banner with an image that displays what you do, credits your authority in your field, or provides social proof. 

Introduce yourself in the “About” section — stating the most important information first. Not everything will be visible unless the “See More” button is clicked.

Curate your “Featured” section by including links to your videos, podcasts, and client testimonials. Doing so provides evidence that the information given in your profile is accurate.

2. Build your connections

Aim for 500-plus LinkedIn connections — more connections equals more credibility. 

3. Write a good outreach message and start your outreach

The golden rule of communication is to customize your outreach message — and do so with generosity in mind. Consider offering incentives that make working with you attractive. Forego message templates that don’t include personal relationship building. 

Search for people you have commonalities with, that are related to your industry, and will expand your network. When you find people that you want to include in your network, send them a customized message and hit the “Connect” button.

4. Start sharing content

LinkedIn offers content sharing. Once you’ve obtained quality connections, start sharing content. 

Interactive dynamic audios — 60-second audio snippets — are a form of content that procure high engagement. Included in the dynamic audio is a static image of the guest, audio from the episode, and captions. 

Pay attention to who engages with your content through comments and likes — as they are a great resource for expanding your network. If you think they would be an appropriate connection, reach out with a personal message.

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