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DISCOVERY/ SALES CALL Format – for COLD OUTREACH with 15-20min Call

Goal: to sent cold email or linkedin connection requests that are targeted to an industry and position (ie CEO etc) and we asked them if they are interested in having a conversation to see if it is a fit to be on the podcast.

Here is the phone script

Bond – look at linkedin profile


On this call it will be a quick 15-20min and we will go over.

1. Let me tell you about who is a great fit for the show – 

a. Example: We want leaders in B2B SaaS – Our specialty is being a Revenue Engine for B2B SaaS companies so our goal is to create an amazing collective knowledge base for the industry

2. Go over Format and questions for the show

3. Schedule the Interview

Ask questions to see if it is a fit

Tell me a bit more about you? Tell me more about your company?

Who are ideal clients/customers for you?

How big is your team?

NOT FIT Company – You seem great but we are really focused on B2B SaaS. I would still love to profile your company and the way I can do that is to feature a suggestion of yours and I will give you and your company a sponsorship. Who do you know in the B2B SaaS that would be a fit?

Also I may have an introduction to another podcast which is a better fit?

NOT FIT Position- You seem great but we only have Founder, CEO’s CMOS’s – out of those positions who would be the best person to conduct the interview?

Go over Format and questions for the show – SEE PRE INTERVIEW

I want to make sure that we share and talk about what is top of mind for you. What do you want to make sure that we mention or talk about? 

What is a great Case study/ Favorite Story we can talk about? (It could be a new project/ book / specific story you want to tell). What would make this a big win for you?

Schedule the Interview

Figure out a time in the next 2 weeks and look at the google calendar then and there
I Recommend booking it on your Interview Calendly so they will get reminders etc.
See this as an example on questions asked for the interview (dont schedule on this 🙂

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