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Do Downloads Matter? (How do I check my stats)

Setting specific and measurable goals is important if you want to succeed. In podcasting, downloads are the easiest metric to analyze — podcast hosts tend to focus on how many people tune in regularly. Are downloads really worth your time, resources, and attention?

Yes, downloads are important if you want to monetize your show; but they don’t define your podcast’s success. Gaining ROI, connections, and referrals from your podcast is not dependent on the number of downloads.

Don’t fixate on any one metric — leverage your podcast to build your network. Downloads can indicate how well your podcast is performing, but the network built by your podcast yields a valuable ROI.

1. Know where to find your stats.

You can check your stats at any time in your hosting provider. In Libsyn, for example, you will find stats for your downloads, subscribers, listeners, social engagement, and more. Checking your stats and audience engagement regularly is necessary to understand what you do well and where you can improve.

2. Log into your audio hosting account.

When you log into your audio hosting account through the Rise25 Pro Network, click on the “Stats” tab — there, you will find the information pertaining to your show. Prioritize analyzing your data to determine how your show has performed and assess the areas needing improvement.

3. Get more downloads by following up with your guests.

To increase your downloads, follow up with your guests. After sending the show link, tell them that you’re promoting the episode and tag them in promotional posts on social media. Encouraging your guest to promote the episode will expand your audience and grant you access to their community and network.

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