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How To Handle the Post-interview Collaboration Conversation

In the video below, John and Jeremy discuss how to handle the post-interview collaboration conversation. After the interview is done, it’s important to follow up with your guest to ensure the interview went smoothly and to continue building a relationship.

John and Jeremy provide tips on how to provide positive feedback to your guests, offer guest introductions and ask for them in return, offer a free assessment, offer nuggets of wisdom to add value, and reach out to all resources mentioned in the episode.

They also discuss how to properly manage your time during the pre-interview to ensure you have enough time to conduct the interview and wrap up the conversation in a timely manner.

1. Give yourself enough time

During the pre-interview, it is important to confirm the guests availability and any time constraints they may have. This will ensure you have enough time to conduct the interview and wrap up the conversation in a timely manner.

2. Provide positive feedback

Provide immediate positive feedback to the guest to boost their confidence and prevent any future issues or requests for edits. It can be as simple as giving a thumbs up and saying “Great job!”

Doing so can help prevent any potential problems or requests for edits later on.

3. Offer to introduce the current guest to previous connections you’ve interviewed

Take the initiative to connect your guest to previous guest’s that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. This can be done by saying something like, “If you see anyone on [name of your show] who you think would be good to introduce you to, let me know and I’m happy to make an introduction.”

Do a double opt-in and mention potential guests throughout the interview to make the introduction process easier.

4. Ask for introductions

The principle of reciprocity comes into play here. As you’ve offered to make introductions for the guest, ask for introductions in return.

When a guest asks how they can help, let them know that you would love to be introduced to anyone in their network who would be a great guest to have on your podcast.

It’s important to be specific about the type of guest you are looking for and to ask during the interview if they mention anyone who could be a potential guest.

5. Offer a free assessment

Another way of providing value to your guests is to offer a high-value assessment they can benefit from. This assessment should be free and not used as a bait-and-switch tactic.

Make sure it’s of great value and something they’ll appreciate.

6. Offer nuggets of wisdom to add value

The advice can be related to your area of expertise or something you are passionate about, like a tool, software, or other industry-related tips.

The goal is to offer something of value that can help you create a connection leading to a more productive conversation. By offering value in this way, you can establish authority and strengthen relationships with referral partners or prospective clients.

7. Reach out to all resources mentioned in the episode

Take a few minutes to message everyone you mentioned in the episode and let them know you gave them some love on the show.

Keep a list of top referral partners and champions to mention during the podcast and maximize the benefits of podcasting for your business.

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