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Thanking The Guest after the Interview via Email

When a podcast recording session is over, it’s not really over. In fact, what you do after ending the meeting can dictate the relationship established with your guest.

Sending a “Thank You” email immediately after the interview has three primary benefits. First, it summarizes the pre-event and post-event conversations you had with the guest. Second, they won’t easily forget you after the call. Lastly, it’s a great opportunity to offer and ask for introductions.

There are many post-interview “Thank You” email templates available. Whichever one you use, make sure to add a personal touch, give compliments, and offer opportunities to continue the relationship. The relationship built with your guest is just as beneficial as the content recorded for your podcast episode.


 Template for Thanking The Guest after the Interview via Email

1. Use the “Thanking the Guest After the Interview via Email” template.

The “Thank You” email template incorporates everything in your post-interview checklist. Send it within 10 minutes after the interview. You can save this template in a text expander for easier access.

2. Personalize your message.

In the first part of the template, you will see a highlighted section where you add your city and extend an invitation to meet with your guest if they are ever in the area.

This section allows you to personalize the message and include a nice gesture to meet face-to-face before proceeding with the rest of the message.

3. Offer introductions.

The next section allows another opportunity to build a personal connection with your guest. Offer to introduce your guest to anyone in your network that would benefit your guest’s business goals.

Mention past guests and make sure to include links for easier access.

4. Ask for introductions.

Next, it’s time to ask for introductions. Inform your guest that you are available to be introduced to anyone in their network who may be a fit for your podcast.

Be detailed on what areas your ideal candidate has had experience in so they can give good recommendations.

5. Provide an incentive.

Give them a reason to introduce you to their network. Following the template, mention that you will give their company a shout-out on the podcast for anyone they recommend.

6. Remind them what you’re working on.

In the P.S. section, mention your company and what you’re doing. You can provide a free assessment link or include wisdom that you shared during your conversation beforehand


Jeremy’s Example of Thanking The Guest after the Interview via Email

Great chatting Jeff


It was an absolute pleasure chatting with you about your journey and company.

Next time you are in Chicago please let me know. Of course after travel starts again.

See my handwritten notes that I will send in a separate email.

I always take handwritten notes in addition to the pages of research notes I do ahead of time.

You may not be able to read the chicken scratch but there is a lot of valuable stuff there!

One of my goals with Inspiredinsider is to connect amazing people like you…

If you see anyone I have featured on that would be an interesting connection for you please let me know and I will reach out to them about a potential introduction.

Past guests include founders of P90X, Atari, Big League Chew, RX Bars, Zapier, and many more over the past 10+ years.

I make 5-10 introductions every single day. I always ask both parties first to make sure of course.

I am always open to introductions of great Founders to tell their stories on my podcast.

Right now I am focused on top VC’s in the U.S. or Israel so if you know any let me know and  I can research them and check out their website.

Of course, I would give your company a shout out on the podcast for anyone recommended!

have a great day,


P.S. Here is what I am working on at

Some people say I am terrible at telling others what I am up to (I am more concerned on how I can help others)…

At Rise25 we help B2B businesses connect to their ‘Dream 100’ clients,  referral partners and get ROI, using a podcast.  Our video on how to monetize a podcast –

If you know any businesses wanting to start a podcast or get more of a predictable referral pipeline let us know.

Of course we love sending referral checks to our friends like you if it works out.

(We send lifetime ongoing monthly referral commissions – I can send you an official referral agreement if interested.)


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