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What Is the Best Use of My Focus and Energies During the Launch Phase and Beyond?

The video above provides a brief run-through on how you can best focus your energy during your podcast’s launch.

John and Jeremy discuss the common challenge of having analysis paralysis during the launch and how it can be avoided.

They also give tips on framing the right mindset to avoid being self-conscious during an episode and explain how asking the right questions can motivate your guests to introduce you to future guests.

1. Avoid analysis paralysis during the launch

In the early stage of launching your podcast, you might have fears or feel self-conscious, which can slow down your recording process. When this happens, the best thing to do is have conversations with people you’re already comfortable with to get rid of the psychological barriers you’re facing.

2. Think about the episode as a great conversation

Focus your energy on having the right mindset. It’s easy to feel like the interviews you’ll be conducting are a big deal, but there is nothing to be worried about.

3. Get comfortable with the interview process

Enjoying the process helps you loosen up and removes the pressure. Maximize the first 15 interviews you will be doing by getting comfortable with the process. It’s also best to ask questions that make your guests feel good. In turn, they will be motivated to help you and recommend other guests.

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