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What Do I Say to a Potential Guest When Asked How Many Downloads I Have

Potential guests may ask how many downloads your podcast has received to determine if being featured on your show is worthy of their time. They ask this question because your initial outreach message didn’t provide enough social proof. 

When asked this question, take the opportunity to explain why you are valuable. Use the “Direct Ask Email Template” to emphasize that your focus is on quality over quantity.

Be prepared to provide your experience in the industry, respected guests you’ve previously interviewed, the number of social media followers, and reputable clients you’ve worked alongside. Show them that your experience and network are more valuable than your current number of downloads.

What Do I Say When Asked How Many Downloads I Have?

1. Go back to your outreach message.

When potential guests ask how many downloads you have, it’s because you haven’t established enough social proof that indicates you would be a valuable individual to collaborate with.

Review your outreach message to see where and how you can make the necessary improvements.

2. Make use of the ‘Direct Ask Email Template’.

The “Direct Ask Email Template” allows you to craft an outreach message that highlights your expertise, connections, clients, and value.

We provide both a short and long version for you to choose from. These are the templates John and Jeremy use for their outreach. Use this template as a guide to revise and improve your outreach message.

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