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What Should I Name My Show?

Goal: To Get Engagement and Recommendations for a Name of Your Show & Inform Your Market That the Show is Coming

Email Template

Subject lines: I need your help…

what should I name my show?

Hey !

I have some exciting news and I need your help….

I am launching a podcast and I have no idea what to call it.

I would love your suggestions because I trust your opinion.

What do you think I should call the show?

I plan to interview top leaders about [mention some topics you are passionate about ]

Any ideas are appreciated.

Also if you have any guest suggestions I am open to your thoughts on that.

[Insert Direct Ask here if you want to feature them on your show.

Ex: I would love to have you as my guest on the show so let me know when you are up for it. I would love to have you on of course! So let me know if you are game. ]


[Your Name]

P.S. If it helps, here’s more about our business… DETAILS


[Your Name]

[Your Website url]

[Description of your website]

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