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Why Are the Podcast Platform Links on My Blog Posts Not Active Yet?

If you’ve noticed that the podcast platform links on your blog posts aren’t active yet, don’t worry, it’s not an error or glitch.

The reason for this is that each platform has different approval standards, and it may take a little time before your podcast episode is approved and available to listeners. This means that your blog posts go live on your website first, and some links may not work yet.

Despite this, it’s still beneficial to include the logos of the different platforms, even if the episode isn’t live there yet. Firstly, these logos serve as social proof that your show is available across various platforms. Secondly, it makes it easier for people to subscribe to your show on their preferred platform.

In short, just wait for the approval of each platform, and the links will become active. In the meantime, displaying the logos of the platforms provides social proof and convenience to your listeners.

Why Podcast Platform Links on Your Blog Posts Are Not Active Yet

1. Different platforms have varying timeframes for approval

Links may not work because each podcast platform has varying time restraints before our team is allowed to submit your podcast episode for approval.

2. The logos provide social proof

While the links are inactive, we display the platform logos as social proof that your podcast is available on different platforms. Doing this builds trust with website visitors.

3. The logos make it easier for people to find you

Another reason why we display the platform logos is to help people find and subscribe to your podcast on their preferred platform. This provides a better user experience and can increase your listenership.

4. The links will become active once they are approved

Our team submits your podcast episodes to the different platforms as soon as possible to ensure that all links go live quickly. Once approved, your links will become active, and your listeners can access your podcast on their preferred platform.

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