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When I Launch My Podcast, How Many Episodes Should I Have?

In the video above, John and Jeremy discuss how many episodes you should have when launching your podcast. It’s crucial to feature multiple episodes as you launch your podcast to provide listeners with social proof and cater to your expected binge-consumers.

John and Jeremy discuss the right number of episodes and explain why launching with just one episode is not a good strategy. They also discuss why hard and fast rules should not be made for your launch date.

It’s important to consider counterbalancing any advantage they might get on their initial launch against the advantage they get from consistently putting content out regularly.

1. The ideal number of episodes to have before launching your podcast

Having three to four episodes is recommended when launching a podcast. Releasing multiple episodes upon launching provides social proof and a buffer while creating more content for upcoming episodes.

2. Launching with just one episode is a big NO

People tend to binge-consume content in podcast form. If you launch your podcast and post on your socials about the release, your listeners will expect multiple episodes.

3. Do not make hard and fast rules on launch dates

There are no requirements for a podcast launch, and no specific number of released episodes must be strictly followed. It depends on the type of podcast you’ll be launching, your industry, and your goal for the show.

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