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Why Thought Leadership Episodes Are Critical to Your Podcast’s Success

In the video above, John and Jeremy delve into the importance of including thought leadership episodes and how they can be used to position you as an expert in your industry.

They discuss how thought leadership episodes can address new industry developments and questions from your clients. Additionally, these episodes can be leveraged to train your customer support and sales teams. As you continue to grow and evolve in your field, it’s crucial to maintain a strong thought leadership presence.

By consistently creating and sharing thought leadership episodes, you can build your authority, save time, and train your team more effectively.

1. Understanding the importance of thought leadership episodes

Thought leadership episodes help position you as an expert in your field, create resources to save time, and build relationships with clients and partners. By incorporating these episodes into your podcast, you can demonstrate your expertise and strengthen your authority in your industry.

2. Getting started with thought leadership episodes

Begin by identifying the key questions and topics your audience wants to learn about. Reach out to your customer support team and clients for input on common questions or topics they would like you to address. Use this feedback to create engaging and informative content that provides value to your listeners.

3. Practicing and optimizing the podcast interview process

Use thought leadership episodes as an opportunity to train and become comfortable with the interview process. Work closely with your team to develop and refine the pre-interview scripts, templates, and frameworks, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests.

4. Continuously create thought leadership content

As your business and industry evolve, new questions and challenges will arise. Continually produce thought leadership episodes to address these changes and maintain your position as an expert in your field. This will also help keep your content fresh and relevant for your audience.

5. Leveraging thought leadership episodes for internal training

Use your thought leadership episodes as a resource to train your customer support and sales teams. By sharing your expertise and insights directly from the source, you can ensure that your team members are equipped with the knowledge they need to provide top-notch customer service and support.

6. Revisiting thought leadership episodes regularly

Even after establishing your podcast and producing thought leadership content, it’s essential to revisit and create new episodes periodically to maintain your expert positioning, showcase developments in your industry, and address questions or concerns that arise over time.

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