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Your Introduction of Your Guest


Template for Your Introduction of Your Guest

Give Loop – Shout Out

Thank the referral first (email the person after you record to tell them you mentioned them): 

Before introducing today’s guest I want to give a big thank you to [Name of person who referred] and go check out their website at [] and they specialize in [Brief Description]

Fill in Your Introduction of Your Guest here: 



Example for Your Introduction of Your Guest


Thank you:

Before introducing today’s guest I want to give a big thank you to John Corcoran and go check out their website at and they specialize in helping B2B businesses reach their Dream 200 using a podcast.

Intro: Jay Steinfeld is Founder of He set up the original eCommerce site NoBrainerBlinds for $3000 in 1996 and has since grown the eCommerce company to over $200 million in annual revenue. It is the world’s top retailer for blinds and shades and provides blinds for over a million windows every year. The company was acquired in 2014 by Home Depot.



Jeremy’s Example for Calendar Invite Email

Here is the acuity scheduling message

Your Appointment is Scheduled for

%first% %last%,

Your appointment for %type% (%calendar%) on %time% lasting %duration% has been successfully scheduled. To view your appointment details please visit %viewlink%


Message in the google calendar area or body of email


1. Here is the link to join the call: Meeting

Click here to join=

For questions: email = or

or text me at 847 477 9988

2. The interview is on VIDEO.

For best picture/sound quality directly plugin to the internet modem (sometimes wifi has connection issues) and use a USB mic.

When you go to the meeting link I will be on

3. Guests ask about what questions I ask …

(You can see past interviews here to get a flavor

Some popular interviews include:

Founder of P90X –

Founder of Atari-…

I do a lot of research ahead of time and ask about milestones and challenges along the way.

I keep it very conversational so I go where the conversation flows.

I am looking forward to talking and hearing your great stories!



Dr. Jeremy Weisz

Founder at

P.S. Some people ask what my company does…

We launch and run companies podcasts and clients include a Berkshire Hathaway company, Harvard Entrepreneur Alumni group, one of the largest online ticketing companies, and many more.

I run Rise25 with my business partner John Corcoran (worked at the White House as a speechwriter under Bill Clinton)

We have been podcasting and helping others produce ROI with their media for a combined 19+ years and here is more about us

You can also check out a ~10 min video of us discussing our philosophy around using a podcast to get ROI on the index page of our website at

We map out a companies Dream 200 best referral partners, strategic partners, and clients and help them achieve ROI using a podcast. We are an easy button for a company to get ROI and run their entire podcast so the team can focus on more relationships and sales.

BTW, we practice what we preach … here are a few companies we have featured on our past podcast episodes (in most case the CEO or Founder) …. P90X, Quest Nutrition, Einstein Bagels, Atari, Mattel, YPO, EO, Baby Einstein, Lending Tree, Big League Chew and many more.

For textexpander message for google calendar it is very similar and ask Jeremy to show you ‘calendar jeremy interview’


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