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Your Sponsorship Message

In most cases, you should use your own business as the sponsor of the podcast.

Think of it as an outside sponsor may pay you pennies while they make dollars. If you use your own business as the sponsor, then you earn dollars, not pennies. You may also have more than one sponsorship message, depending on your business offering, and you can then choose an appropriate one, depending on the particular guest.


Example for Your Sponsorship Message

This episode is brought to you by Rise25. At Rise25 we help B2B businesses connect to their ‘Dream 100’ clients and referral partners.

We create a systemized incoming referral pipeline which generates ROI, using a podcast.

[Name of guest] [company name] [impact and effect from revenue and mission]

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EX: Listen to how I read my sponsor message and incorporate the guest into the sponsor message. Make sure to say their name. You can also relate their business to your message.…

Formula of mentioning someone to Input somewhere

[Name of guest] [company name] [impact and effect from revenue and mission]

[Name] Don’t you feel like every person should have…. Your Xyz widget to solve xyz problem?” 

“That’s the way I feel about my service, I feel like every X professional should be using my Y service to better their business”


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