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Asynchronous Interview Email Template


Record Interviews without having to be present.
You can also feature multiple people in one episode.


Examples of Asynchronous Interview Email Template

Top Giver Series –

I want to feature you on my podcast AND make it super easy for you because I know you are really busy.

I am doing a series on Top Givers and people I admire when it comes to relationships and you are definitely one of those people.

To save you time I have a link below where you can click and simply record your thoughts on a few short questions so I can include it on an episode.

I look forward to featuring you.

The episode will go on, itunes, spotify, youtube, google play and we will be sending it out to our 165K email and social media following.

Here are a few questions for you to answer for the recording.

Simply click this link and answer the 3 questions below.

Click here –


I will use the video portion if you record both video and audio because often times people like seeing the person.

  • Please state – “I am excited to be on this InspiredInsider Series”

My name is ________

My company is_________


My website is____________

My company helps___________

(A good plug for your website in the beginning is always a good thing)

  • What top 3 or more books do you recommend someone read about Top Customer Service or Forging better Business Relationships/Partnerships

  • Who are a few people you highly respect and who embody Top Customer Service or Forging better Business Relationships/Partnerships.If you want to include a short lesson they taught you feel free!

I will be including this in a compilation of other people you probably know as well.

So far people are recording videos that are about 2-3 minutes so if yours is longer or shorter that is perfectly fine.

Here is the link to simply click to record so I can use on the podcast

All you have to do is click on the link (it’s a secure page with no download necessary) to quickly and easily record.

Last item…

I would love your help and suggestion….

I trust your opinion and would love to feature more amazing givers like you…

If there is one person you really respect and trust then I would love for you to send the above message to ONE person in your network so I can include their thought leadership in the episode as well.

Please only send to one person or else the episode will become too long if I include too many people.

I really appreciate your contribution.



P.S. here is the link for the video to record and if you prefer audio you can do that as well but video is definitely more personal


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