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Help! I Just Lost a Lot of My Business! What Should I Do With My Podcast?

What do you do when your business faces a significant downturn? How can you leverage your podcast to navigate through such challenging times?

Your podcast can serve as an effective tool for relationship building and reaching out to your network, potentially leading to new opportunities. Regular and engaging content can keep you at the forefront of your audience’s minds, even in difficult times.

The key is to remain consistent, seize opportunities, reconnect with past guests, and consider seeking advice from professional advisors. This strategy can help turn a challenging situation into a period of growth and resilience.

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1. Why you should double down on your podcast in a downturn

Rather than reducing your podcast efforts during a business downturn, focus on intensifying your relationship-building activities. Your podcast serves as a powerful tool for maintaining and enhancing your network. Not only does it allow you to provide valuable content to your listeners, but it also strengthens your relationships with key individuals in the industry.

One resource to check out is How To Get More Podcast Guests When You Are Running Low.

2. Stay consistent

In the video above, John shares his early years’ experience when he neglected his podcast, which proved inefficient. Consistency is a critical factor in the success of any podcast.

When you maintain regular contact with your audience and continue to produce high-quality content, your business reaps the benefits. This consistency also extends to building and maintaining relationships. When you stay consistent in your strategic relational activities, your business’s resilience to downturns significantly improves.

3. Leverage your podcast for strategic outreach

When facing a loss in your business, use your podcast as a strategic tool to connect with your key clients and partners. Invite them onto your podcast instead of asking for work or introductions to others in their network. This approach serves a dual purpose — making your clients feel valued and keeping you at the top of their minds. Remember, the aim is to provide value to your network, which brings value back to your business.

4. Treat downturns as opportunities

Much like experienced investors buy more when the market is low, think of downturns as your opportunity to invest more into your podcast. This could mean getting more strategic with your guest invites, delving into new topics, or increasing your podcast’s frequency. This proactive approach keeps your audience engaged and sends a message of resilience and determination to your network.

5. Communicate with past guests

An excellent strategy during downturns can be to reconnect with past podcast guests. Reviving the relationship can lead to new opportunities and referrals. This simple yet effective strategy keeps you at the forefront of your network, leading to future partnerships and opportunities once the business environment improves.

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