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Pre-Interview with Guest

Go over the following with the guest first prior to the start of the interview. It should take ~4 minutes. 

Pre-Interview Notes to go over with the guest beforehand, and you can modify how you like:

  1. I want to respect your time and keep an eye on the clock, what time do you need to be done? 
  2. I want to make sure that we share and talk about what is top of mind for you. What do you want to make sure that we mention or talk about?

    What is a great Case study/ Favorite Story we can talk about? (It could be a new project/ book / specific story you want to tell). What would make this a big win for you?

  3. [Explain format] – I explain to the guest the format, and I say “I will open with a brief introduction of the show, then I’m going to read a short sponsor message then I’ll read a rockstar intro of you and launch into our first question…”. 
  4. If you decide to write an intro for your guest then I always say this –> I am going to read you my introduction of you so you can let me know if I should add or subtract anything. (This makes them feel comfortable with you and shows them you did your research ahead of time.)
  5. GIVE LOOP – Who is an important client or partner or champion who we should mention?

    Ask the guest for the name(s) of a couple of ideal prospects who they want to connect with. (Then, be sure to mention them in the interview, and afterwards go and tag them on social media, i.e. LinkedIn.)

  6. Sometimes to get them at ease, I will ask the guest to tell me a fun fact about them that not many people know. 
  7. ****I will hit record and test the Mic and have them talk. “Testing 12, Testing 12…Talk on your end”
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