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Should You Use Episode Numbers in the Title of Your Podcast

Is it recommended to use episode numbers in the title of your podcast?

When deciding how to name your episode titles, practice the idea of simplicity over complexity. Episode numbers can bring complexity and problems to your podcast. You want to eliminate complexities when it doesn’t add value to you or your podcast.

Using episode numbers in the title of your podcast doesn’t add SEO value. Consider using the guest’s name in the title — it’s much easier to remember and won’t be perceived as irrelevant. When deciding on episode names, consider what is going to generate ROI. If it won’t help you gain ROI, change it to something that will.

Here are four reasons why we generally don’t recommend using episode numbers in the title of your podcast:

1. Hard-coding episode numbers in a title creates complexity.

The more you choose to hard-code episode numbers in an episode’s title, the more complexity it creates. If a platform decides to restrict numbers in titles, it can become a hassle to correct.

2. It does not offer any SEO value.

Another reason why putting numbers in episode titles is not recommended is that it does not provide SEO value to your podcast. Using numbers in titles is a missed opportunity for others to discover your content.

3. It creates the perception that an episode is irrelevant.

For instance, if you have published over 50 episodes within a year, using number titles, and you want to refer someone to episode three, the individual may believe the information provided in that episode is irrelevant. We suggest putting the guest’s name instead of episode numbers.

4. Put the guest’s name in the episode title.

It’s easier to remember a guest’s name than the episode number they’re in. This makes putting their name in the title a best practice.

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