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Size of your Audience Email Template:


If someone asks about the size of the audience/downloads

If a potential guest or past guest asks you about your downloads or size of your audience, you can reply with this. 


Example for Size of your Audience Email

I don’t check my download metrics because I have a team that manages the process for me. If you are looking for an Oprah-sized audience, I am definitely not a good fit for you; but the same high quality people I have on also tend to listen to the show. So if you are looking for quality over quantity, my show would be a great fit.

Also, I always try to deliver additional value to my guests so with past guests, I’ve been able to make key introductions which have been valuable beyond download metrics. My team does publish it on my website, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and we push it out across multiple social media channels.

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