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What Are Best Practices for Posting Dynamic Audio and Video Snippets on LinkedIn

Many people ask about best practices for posting dynamic audio and video on LinkedIn. The video above gives a crash course and answers this question.

Jeremy talks about what should be done when publishing audio and video on LinkedIn. He gives a quick example by going through some of his and John’s LinkedIn posts and shares common mistakes people make when publishing dynamic audio and video.

Jeremy also explains why putting the full episode link in the description commonly leads to low engagement and discusses the standard length for dynamic audio and video.

1. Focus more on the guest than the metrics

Most people tend to focus more on the vanity of a post (likes, comments, etc.) and neglect giving attention to the guest featured in the dynamic audio or video. The quality of the video and the guest’s engagement matters more than the quantity of engagement.

2. Tag the guest and include hashtags

Tag the guest in the post’s description and include relevant hashtags. This makes it more searchable on LinkedIn.

3. Place the link to the episode in the comments

Put the link to the full episode in the comments instead of the description. LinkedIn tends to avoid sending its users to other pages, which can lead to less engagement. 

4. Keep the content between 20 to 60 seconds

Limit the dynamic audio and video to 20 to 60 seconds. Also, avoid including clips in which both the host and the guest are talking. Keep in mind that the dynamic audio and video are meant to highlight the guest.

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