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What Metrics Should You Be Tracking for Your Podcast?

Many podcasters are not sure what metrics they should be tracking to measure the success of their podcast.

It’s important to understand that the podcast should be serving your business objective. Every business has different objectives that they’re focused on, and it’s essential to align your podcast with those objectives.

At the beginning of a 12-month period, determine your objectives for the year. Depending on your business objectives, the goals for your podcast can be to attract a new audience, conduct high-quality interviews, or work on expanding your network and adding to your clientele.

You can look back at the end of the year and evaluate if your podcast helped you achieve these objectives.

Whether it’s hiring high-quality employees, exploring a new niche or type of clientele, or learning from other people’s mistakes, your podcast should be serving your business objective.

1. Identify the biggest objective of your business

Forget about the podcast for a moment and identify the biggest objective you currently have for your business.

The podcast is a strategic tool to help you meet your business objective. Whatever metrics you are currently looking to track for your business should serve as the basis for you to identify which metrics to track for your podcast.

2. Invite guests and speak with people who can help you achieve your goals

Each company will differ in the goals they are trying to achieve — the business objective will be different for everyone.

If you are aiming to put together a high-performing sales team to drive sales for your business, use your podcast to interview guests who have hired a skilled and successful sales team.


If your objective is to attract a new client base, network with high-level entrepreneurs who have experience building clientele and interview them on your podcast.

3. Use that objective to set metrics for your podcast

At the beginning of a 12-month period, set specific goals you would like your company to achieve.

Invite guests relevant to your goals as discussed in step 2. At the end of the year, look back and measure how your podcast helped you achieve your business objectives.

Revisit your episodes and determine the guests that provided high-caliber conversations, recommended referral partners, and introduced you to valuable members in your network.

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