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How to Create Warm Introductions to Attract High-Caliber Prospects Using Podcasts and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform with millions of members that allows users to expand their professional network. Similar to a networking event, it offers an opportunity for you to build relationships in a professional setting. Unlike an in-person event, users have access to a larger pool of prospective customers, and in this case, podcast guests.

Given LinkedIn’s immense value, leveraging the platform effectively is crucial. Reaching out to prospective guests must begin with a warm welcome. Establishing common ground in your introduction, whether through a mutual friend or a shared interest, can set the foundation for the relationship. Make sure not to come across as intimidating or aggressive, as this may hinder the relationship you want to build.

Increase your message’s reach by sending messages on multiple platforms — heightening your chance of receiving a response and expanding your network in less time.

1. Create a warm introduction

When introducing yourself to someone online, be genuine and authentic in your initial message. Using the information provided on LinkedIn, discover an element of their work that sets them apart from others in their industry. In your introduction, mention your appreciation for what they do and how it inspires you in your field.

2. Find a shared connection 

It’s easier for people to trust others when there is a shared connection or community. This may include a common hobby, a shared geographic region, or a mutual friend.

Finding commonalities is imperative when forming relationships as it leads to a higher level of trust. 

3. Reach out on other platforms if they do not respond on LinkedIn

When prospective guests do not respond to your message, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Some individuals use LinkedIn sparingly and aren’t notified when they receive new messages. Consider sending an email as well to increase your chances of receiving a response.

Tools like Rocket Reach can help locate email addresses for those you wish to contact by searching a name, company, or LinkedIn profile.

Here is a sample template that we found effective:

Hey NAME – I was just talking with NAME2 about you, and I’d love to feature you on our SPONSORED SERIES. My podcast features top CMOs and is distributed far and wide across Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Pandora, and many more. I can share more details…

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