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Simple Text Cell Phone Indirect Ask

Oftentimes, the best guests, referral partners, strategic partners, and potential clients are already within your existing network. You can begin making ROI before you launch by reaching out. How do you find the best people in your sphere of influence to network with?

The contacts in your cell phone are the best connections you have — don’t be reluctant to use them. Scroll through your messages and see who you’ve had contact with in the past three to six months. These are the people you should reach out to for referrals, recommendations, and invitations to be a guest. 

Using the prompt provided, sending a text to your contacts will take no time at all, allowing you the opportunity to make more connections. Remember the goal of a podcast is to build lasting relationships. You never know where a network connection will lead.

Simple Text Cell Phone Indirect Ask

Template for Simple Text Cell Phone Indirect Ask

1. Look at your contacts list and go through your messages.

Go through your text messages and look at the people that have messaged you in the past three to six months.

2. Group these contacts into two different groups.

Group A — people who you communicate with regularly.

Group B — people you haven’t communicated with in a while that would be interested in the work you’re doing.

3. Send a personalized message to Group A.

Following the “Simple Text Cell Phone Indirect Ask” template, options have been provided on how to begin the conversation.

Start by telling them about your podcast and invite them to be a featured guest. In your closing statement, ask for guest recommendations.

4. Send a customized message to Group B.

The template for Group B encourages you.

to begin the conversation by showing interest in what they have been working on. After hearing their update, send your indirect ask.

The prompt is similar to what you sent Group A. Because contact is infrequent, consider sending a voice message with the text to add a personal touch.

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